The Integrated Software Solution for Infusion Services ,Home Health Care and DMEs Management

Built by experts with 24 years of experience
Engineered for efficiency and precision
Supported by a dedicated team

Key Benefits

Versatility & Customization

You can choose to host HomeCareMaker® on your own server with full security under your grasp and access it via the FileMaker’s  platform or via any web browser; or you can choose to host in on the cloud (as a SaaS model) and access it both via a browser or via FileMaker’s platfrom. Compared to “one solution fits all” standard platforms that are hosted on the cloud, our technology will allow you  to easily customize the solution for your specific needs, which is almost impossible to do otherwise.

Access Data From Anywhere

HomeCareMaker® gives you the freedom  to do your work from anywhere. Whether you are at home on your computer or in a coffee shop using any iOS  device, it is business as usual. It’s completely up to you.

Know the location of your field staff

HomeCareMaker® lets you determine the accurate location of your nurses/sales people via Google Maps. Get proof that your visits are being done.

Easy to Set Up & Use

HomeCareMaker® is simple to set up. We are happy to help, or simply get started on your own.  Create specific user and practice settings and move on.

Smart decisions

HomeCareMaker® allows you to clearly display your data in multiple reports so that you make quick decisions based on data, hence improving your performance.

Fully integrated

HomeCareMaker® includes modules for CRM, Stock Control, Billing, Invoicing, Scheduling, Payroll, Remote access for Nurses, Quality Controllers, Sales Force, Reports,…

Increase your revenues

HomeCareMaker® helps you boost your revenues thanks to a powerful CRM that identifies your referral sources & allocates sales people to them.

Profit Center

Our Profit Center allows you to know your profit/loss at the end of each billing cycle, way ahead of the accounting report. Also, profit margins are clearly displayed per service category, giving you full control & knowledge of your business.

Your Data is Safe & Secure

HomeCareMaker® will regularly back up your data on your server, and to any external hard drive, storage space, or simply on the cloud using safe and powerful cloud servers. You decide.User friendly role-based login security  provides great protection to all the information you store and ensures that only the right people have access to sensitive information.

Steam lines your processes-Better Quality

Your processes are stream lined resulting in higher quality of care, positively impacting your patient outcome.

Multiple Users

You can have as many users as needed to efficiently run your business.

Keep track of your stock

Create electronic purchase orders and keep track of every single stock, from supplies to durable medical equipment.

Support by a dedicated team

Whether electronically (see support page) or by phone, our dedicated team is here to answer any questions you may have.