This database allows you to manage information about local hospitals for contacts and referrals. Assign a hospital to a sales person so that all referrals are credited to him/her. Add as many hospitals as needed. Similar databases are also available for pharmacies, insurance companies and any other referral point.



Stores admitted patients’ information all in one place. From personal data to payment scheme(s), diagnosis, requested service(s), referral source and offered services. Invoices,Electronic Health Records, discharge date and a quality control page are some of the features of this module.



This database allows you to manage information for doctors that currently refer patients or may be referring soon. You can track the sales effort history and the number of cases referred by each doctor. A powerful database of doctors per specialty is available for you to choose from and to add to the portfolio of the sales team.


This powerful database links up periodically to the appropriate authorities database(s) to download up to date medication information; from new drugs, generics, their country of origin and prices. It is used in the Phone Log CRM to prepare the patient quotation for approval.


Referrals may be driven by Insurance companies. With this database you can manage and reach out to local health insurance companies. Specify your price structure for each company, special discounts and thresholds as well as  due dates for invoices.