This module allows to control all security features in a user friendly manner, avoiding back end programming. Turn on/off specific modules, turn on a module but limit access to part of it, limit what a user can add or delete in a module…all to give you the easy control over critical security measures.

Enterprise Model

A user friendly interface allows the management of multiple branches and/or franchises. This is perfect for franchisers needing to watch the performance of their franchisees at any  time. Also, it is set up to control multiple branches in many countries.


Customized for each user in a user friendly manner from the front end, dashboards pop-up upon system entry to display key information relevant to each user. Up to four dashboards can be selected at once to give you full control over critical parameters in your business.



This module is a sophisticated CRM tool. It allows marketers to work with potential as well as existing referrals. Watch the assigned tasks,late tasks, phone calls generated by the sales person and the automatic commission earned for each taken case. An elegant smileys dashboard lets you understand the overall outcome of your sales people efforts.


CRM- Incoming Phones 

Allows to receive incoming calls and to capture info & details of specific service requests. Caller information, patient demographics, referral source, requested services, diagnosis, duration of treatment, stored quotation and more are all captured in this module



Upon admission, the scheduling module is used to schedule the patients’ requested service(s). The visits are then uploaded to the iOS apps and the GPS location at the place of visit is captured. Schedule multiple services during the same day.All  made easy to properly manage your staff’s precious time.

iOS Applications -Remote access

Nurses can remotely access the easy application from iOS devices at any time. The apps are sleek and are designed with  the patient’s safety in mind. Prescriptions, medication protocols, time of therapy, pictures, GPS coordinates to capture where the visit was conducted…. Also enjoy the sales force and quality control apps, all designed for ease of use and to capture on the go the necessary information to grow your business.


Absence Management

HR can manage with one click the absence of staff whether on vacation, sick leave, late to report to work in number of days and in fraction of hours. A full report displays all absences by type given a specified time interval. No need anymore for cumbersome paper work that may be misfiled or lost.